Pastel Fendi

Fendi chose stunning pastel colours for summer, this pret-a-porter is so gorgeous. I especially like the blouse with squares. Interesting is the use of a chair to personalize the composition, that anyway remains very clean and well focused on the clothes. These pastels colours makes me want to be in a warm day of May. These days are terribly cold, even if we are near to April! Hope rain and wind will pass away very soon.

179934_10151032487621578_1043802811_n 250754_10151032486071578_368994555_n 252242_10151032486276578_608067476_n 270978_10151032485801578_885459399_n 542347_10151032485946578_1934683735_n 543300_10151032489496578_365898694_n 545027_10151032485381578_63257031_n 551761_10151032484886578_1353854440_n 552821_10151032489276578_505161355_n

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