Lime night

This is my interpretation of le été papillon of Chanel. Personally I find that the collection is too much shaded and heavy for a summer look. In the official tutorial they uses like four different eyeshadows.. and this means a lot of precision, and care after finishing the look for all day long. In summer you usually haven’t all that time to spend controlling or correcting your make up. Sincerely I didn’t even liked the shades: too frozen. It doesn’t remind me of a butterfly, as they wanted. From the collection I saved a nail polish (Lilis) and a funny coloured mascara: limelight. I think this look fits for evening and aperitives.

DSC_5877 DSC_5882_2 DSC_5892 DSC_5895 DSC_5902


In the first two pics I didn’t use mascara  chanel limelight.


Blue mascara: ysl faux cils in n. 03

Greenwater mascara: chanel limelight

White pencil: Le crayon khol, Dior

Blue pencil: Dior, n. 254 Captivating Blue

Creamy eyeshadow: NARS, mousson

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