S/s sales 2013

Not even an outfit for now! And not even from a multibrand boutique, but directly from miu iu (50% discount) and Paul Smith (40% discount) . This time there were very good sales so I couldn’t resist! I’ve made a strong choice tooking this particular blouse. When my mother saw it for the first time the only thing that she managed to say was: “how the hell I wash it?”, since it’s composed by two different materials. Miu miu shirt is really delicious, in these pics you can’t see it very well but soon I’ll post it with the appropriate short top. Sorry for my expressions, someone behind the camera made me laugh a lot. 😀
For make up: Lime night

DSC_5864_2_2 DSC_5864_2 DSC_5870 DSC_5871

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