Alexa Chung

Absurdly slender with an exotic and subtle beauty. Every outfit she make, it’s so perfect on her. Every object she wears is particular and well-matched. What a bon-ton, neoromatic girl. She’s very inspiring! And overall: would you tell she’s 30 next month?! I think her chinese genes have worked very well!

65118_441400802580560_1140353213_n 1185249_555371414516831_2101168658_n 1236032_556010951119544_1773661751_n 1383586_568614536525852_719455673_n alexa chung it review alexa-chung Alexa-Chung4 Alexa_Chung_Me_City_SS12_Campaign_01 alexachungvoghci760b39eeee4 article-2085788-0F6F70AF00000578-564_634x422

8 responses to “Alexa Chung

  1. She is so classy and elegant. Every time I see a photo of her, she looks so… effortlessly stylish.

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