Galeries LaFayette and Le Printemps

Two amazing temples of fashion. Chinese, japanese, russian people all over in this incredible pantheons, so luxurious and well kept. They will make you stop and stare for minutes with your head up when you will pass by. And not just for the first time. These places are incredible. Say a brand, they have it! Searching for the right make up for you? You will get lost at the first floor! Here I took my strange StellaMcCartney wool sweater! In Galerie Lafayette you can get on top and enjoy a fantastic view on Opera and the Tour Eiffel. The only disappointing thing was that they were both closed on Sunday! 😦 these pics are from Galeries LaFayette.

DSC_7556 DSC_7557 DSC_7560 DSC_7561 DSC_7562 DSC_7565 DSC_7566 DSC_7567 DSC_7571 DSC_7572 DSC_7573

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