Deep red obsession

It's been years that I have tried to find the perfect colour,
the one in my mind and the one that I have seen on ads.
For example this:
In these years I bought 6 not-so-different lipsticks. 
But let's start answering to the question: what colour I was
searching for? A deep dark red with a cold, violet undertone, 
with a mat finish. I didn't know if I was searching 
properly for a burgundy type, but I'm sure I was very near.
Here the lipsticks:
DSC_8071_2 DSC_8066 DSC_8062_2 DSC_8054_2 DSC_8051 DSC_8045_2 DSC_8041
As you can see I totally went wrong with the first of the list: 
Burberry "Fuchsia pink" n. 309
Under the lights of the Rinascente it seemed so much more violet 
than red.
 As you can see the result on my mouth
in front of my home mirror and the camera were totally different.
 It just seem a vivid red. The only thing that was 
good was the mat finish. 
DSC_8144_2 DSC_8142_2
Then arrives the second: 
Rimmel kate moss collection, n. 09
This wasn't mat at all, it was really one-colour without any 
gradation and last but not least... with a terrible the 
smell. I can't use it.
DSC_8161_2 DSC_8176_2
Burberry "Hibiscus", n. 20
Again burberry. As the name says, this colour reminds very
 effectively the flower. Very intense and high pigmented. 
This is completely a different concept from burgundy, 
but anyway it's a great lipstick that matches with everything.
Good stain, great quality. But not yet what I was searching.
DSC_8178_2 DSC_8181
Guerlain, "Gigolò", n. 70
With this lovely colour it will seem that you jumped
 in to the forest for a binge of berries. Very nice,but despite of 
what some say, this lipstick leaves your lips dehydrated.
DSC_8341_2 DSC_8325_2 DSC_8322_2
Chanel "La desiree", n. 327
Amazing, bold, beautiful. This really goes near 
of my initial thought. I think it's gonna be my favourite!
 DSC_8411 DSC_8366_2 DSC_8363_2
Nars "Vesuvio", Rouge a levres pur mat
And this is the second favourite, 
even if it is more reddish than the Chanel one. 
DSC_8465_2 DSC_8442_2 DSC_8440_2

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