Angelina Jolie

Green, magnetic eyes veiled of a unhealing melancholy, painted on an extraordinary sculptural face. Unbelievable beauty. This wo(w)man is THE beauty canon for me. Her beauty is so enigmatic, sensual and also… disturbed. Ambiguous. I dare to say hermaphrodite. I see in her the beauty of a woman and the beauty of a man perfectly mixed together. Is it just me who sees this in her?

For me one of the most beautiful women alive. Her charismatic figure fascinated me with films like Girl, Interrupted and Changeling, The Good Shepherd. I think she’s a talented actress, I wish she acted in more films like these than films like Tomb Raider or Salt. Seems incredible, but she also had problems during her youth too, like self-harm. When I heard this I felt a little bit better about myself because, I thought, if SHE had her problems then everybody has, and, yeah, that’s normality.

And what about her maternity? Six kids. I can’t say if she’s a fool or a great. Surely she has a great heart and she needs to spread her maternity-sense to make her life even better. Admire her!

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