Cold grey days

Today I was in my mother’s office and I was supposed to study. Well, I’ve also studied, I swear! But before I took some pics because I’ve noticed there was a good background so… why not? My style has started to be more rough… I’ve had enough of being too classic and impeccable, so I wanted to experiment unusual and not-properly-feminine pieces. It’s very funny to create new combinations! I hope you enjoy 🙂


Shoes: Prada 50% discount= € 425 found at Girardi

Jeans: Acne full price = € 190 found at LaRinascente

Pull: StellaMcCartney 50% discount = € 225 found at Galeries LaFayette

Glasses: Dior CD 3203 found at Ottica Ottobelli, Alessandria

Lipstick: Chanel La desiree n. 327

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